Yellow plastic: 1968 Alpine A-108


Occasionally we find these small coupes with fiberglass bodywork for sale, produced in Brazil by Willys under a Renault license. As is evident, we consider this car very attractive, even if small and not very fast.


In fact this model is basically an A110 with slightly smaller dimensions and an engine originally of 900 c.c. displacement: in the case of this specific car the original engine is said to still be present but not currently installed.


The engine installed is in fact a Renault engine of 1100 c.c. tuned by Autobleu, certainly put in with the purpose of making the performance of this berlin more lively, apart from that the car seems in excellent condition, most likely it was restored a few years ago and the result is still excellent.  The asking price is not disclosed but we suppose it should be something between € 50,000 and 60,000 (today $ 55,000 / 66,000)  Find it for sale here in Zaragoza, Spain.

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