Blue outside/2: 1958 Abarth 750 GT by Zagato


We have published many of these Abarth 750s which, in 90% of the cases, are equipped with an engine no longer original: this is not the case with this car.


We therefore have a rare car, equipped with its original engine and, last but absolutely not least, a particular color: this is the splendid “Blue Zagato” used also on other cars until the early 70s. In itself, these characteristics alone make it a very attractive car.


In addition to the “physical” characteristics, this must have been a car always taken care of since its arrival in the USA; in fact, it has a very well documented history and is described in detail by the seller who, apparently, is too busy to spend time on this car which is in very good condition: if you really want to be picky, the seats should be redone as they do not conform to the original ones, but we believe that even so they do not bother anyone. Find it for sale here in Fullerton, CA, with a starting bid of $125,000.


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