Almost Sportiva: 1969 Moretti 850 Special S4

Many do not know that, in addition to the Sportiva based on Fiat 850, Moretti also produced two subsequent versions, the S2 and the S4: we did not even know of the latter’s existence.

In fact, the seller says that according to him this is a rare car: according to us it is very rare and it is the first time we have ever seen one. l that does not surprise us: let’s face it, it is a car more curious than beautiful and yet, perhaps due to its strangeness it has a lot of charm.

Moretti has also produced a version of this model equipped with a 1000cc which, we believe, is even rarer. This specimen, on the other hand, appears to us in excellent condition and, more importantly, it appears to have all the original equipment: finding the parts for these cars produced in small series is extremely difficult. Find it for sale at €37,000 (today $4,500) here in Carmiano, Italy.


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