#349: 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Built in May 1955, this is one of the oldest Giulietta Sprints on the road today – basically nothing changes compared to those built in 56 or 57 but we all know that, for a collector, the year is very important.

We actually saw an older one, even built in 1954, it was in poor condition, for sale in Italy 10 years ago at € 25,000: who knows where it ended up. Back to this car, it is a Sprint born in black and sold new in Sweden where it has remained for most of its life. It was certainly very well maintained and repainted in red (as usual) in the 1960s.

It was then restored and repainted again in red in the 90s where it was restored: clearly the restoration denotes a bit of ignorance as regards the knowledge of the original equipment and colors, but we understand that in Sweden, when the Internet was not even a word yet, the correct restoration of this car was a very complicated undertaking. Find it for sale at €95,000 (today $112,000) here in Måløv, Denmark.


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