White racer: 1962 OSCA 1600 GT by Zagato

Twin cam engine, aluminum body, covered headlights, perspex windows and double bubble roof: this information is already enough – for an enthusiast – to identify an Italian sports car built in the 1950s or 1960s.

In the specific case it is a rare OSCA 1600 GT, one of the 98 produced by the Maserati brothers and, to confirm what we said in a post last week, it is a car painted white, that is the prevailing color the Italy of the early sixties. One thing we had never noticed instead is that two versions of this model were built: one with a flat roof and the other with a double bubble like this one.

This car was sold new in Italy and still retains its original black license plate, it is said to be a matching numbers car and has been fully restored by a specialist in Tuscany and looks nothing less than perfect. But as you well know, perfection and rarity come at a price, especially when paired, and this car is a prime example of that. Find it for sale at €485,000 (today $570,000) here in Grumello, Italy.


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