White whale: 1960 BMW 501

It’s white, it’s dry, has a V8 engine and it’s nearly complete – a great calling card for any classic car to be restored.

And even more so if the car in question is a BMW 501, quite rare from the point of view of the units produced and above all for how many are now around. The V8 engine with which it is equipped has driven very prestigious cars such as the BMW 507, and in the case of this car it seems to be working since the owner started it, even if the water pump is blocked.

In the photos it is evident that a front fender has been removed but it is present inside the car, there are some details collected in a cardboard and from what you can see the interiors are still the original ones and also in a not bad condition: this is certainly a very interesting project. Find it for sale at $21,500 or near reasonable offer here in Glendale, CA.


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