Be green/3: 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider by Touring


Finally a Alfa Romeo Spider from the 1960s that is not painted red: that’s quite a rare thing, as most of you know well.


Don’t get us wrong: we like red on a Spider, especially if it’s Alfa, but like all things in this world “a little goes a long way”, and that goes for these cars too. In addition, red is naturally a color combined with sportsmanship and the 2600 Spider is everything but a sports car.


In fact it was born as an elegant car and still is, especially if painted with this beautiful Verde Pino (pine green) with the inside in tobacco-colored leather. The car looks very good, it is not at the level of the competition but it certainly stands at a slightly lower level. What intrigues us is to understand if this combination was made in the factory or if it was only a quirk of the last (or previous) owner. Find it for sale at $127,500 here in Pleasanton, CA.


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