Optional title: 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


This Alfa is clearly a 2600 Sprint which, however, has lost a lot of sprint over the years.


Today it is in such a condition that anyone who buys it must do so keeping in mind that there is nothing else to do except a complete, long and expensive restoration. The seller says the car has rust problems but is not in desperate condition; we think so too, but the necessary work here is just as much.


The positive thing, however, is that the car is not as incomplete as it appears at first sight: in reality the seller has photographed dozens of parts that are currently dismantled; between the other it is the first time that we see a car with the front seats but not with their backs: it is really strange. The car does not currently have a title but the seller claims to be able to do it with a $ 600-700 surcharge. Find it for sale at $7,500 here in Shoemakersville, PA.


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