Beach Tank: 1974 Fiat 500L “Tilly” by Baldi


Once again we did not know the Baldi coachworks that transformed a normal Fiat 500L into a “Spiaggina” version.


Let’s be honest: the car is very particular but, according to the “classic” aesthetic standards, the result certainly does not seem a masterpiece of style: but certainly the aspect is what can be called “unmistakable” as it is difficult that, once you have seen this car, you can forget about it.


In fact it looks like a small tank with lines that are so sharp that they seem almost “current”; the flint color to paint it looks like that of a navy destroyer, all of which contrasts greatly with the red and white striped tarp used as a canopy. Like it or not, it certainly deserves to be in a museum. Find it for sale at €13,900 (today $15,700) here in Moncalieri, Italy.


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