Montreal, Texas: 1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


This Sprint 2600 seems to have arrived in Canada after having been “resident” for some years in Texas: if it comes to the western part of this last state, it follows that the car must be quite dry.


Dust aside, the paint seems to be the original one and, as we have read, the color should be “Dark Ruby”: obviously with time and exposure to the sun the ruby has become much clearer but still makes the effect.


The combination is very beautiful because the external ruby is combined with a cream-colored interior. Clearly the skin is now dry and cracked and therefore needs to be replaced, it seems that the lower part of the dashboard is missing and this could be a problem because it is a difficult pate to find; while from the mechanical point of view the seller says that the car runs but has a clutch noise: a minor detail. Find it for sale at $19,100 here in Montreal, Canada.


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