Blue drop: 1963 Panhard CD GT

Whenever we come across a Panhard we always have some problem with the name: CD, DB, Dyna even concatenated in different order, but we are never sure of the model. The reason also lies in the fact that there are not many conscienti of this brand (and we are certainly not among them). The seller says this is a CD 1000 but we don’t know of any models called that.

This is probably a CD GT even if what doesn’t add up is that “1000”: in theory it should be the engine capacity but from what we have read no CD has ever been made with a 1000 cc engine apart from the first prototype which however dates back to 1962. However, many points remain to be clarified except for one thing that is certain: this little car is beautiful, especially with this blue livery that oozes “France” from every pore. The seller says the car has been restored (and it shows) but says nothing more. Find it for sale at €128,500 (today $130,000) here in Reinach, France.


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