Business ready: 1960 Peugeot D4

Around 76,000 examples of this van were produced between 1950 and 1965, yet very few are seen around today.

The main reason is that these vehicles were intended for “business” users or for police, firefighters and hospitals and consequently they were exploited to exhaustion, so at the end of their professional life there was nothing left but to scrap them, as they were no longer reliable , perhaps even rusty, and their restoration would have been totally uneconomical.

We have already said that few of them are seen around, in Europe, let alone in the USA: this is in fact rare like the hen’s tooth, nevertheless it needs a complete restoration. We don’t know if it has a 1500cc petrol or 1800cc diesel engine, but rebuilding the engine is certainly the least expensive job. The bodywork looks intact but there is a lot of metal to work on, and while it looks complete on the outside we don’t know what’s missing inside. In any case, this vehicle is the best for advertising a small business. Find it for sale at $12,500 here in Santa Ana, CA.


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