Exercise in style: 1956 Fiat 1100-103 TV by Monterosa

There could well exist an automobile museum whose sole purpose would be to exhibit special models built on the basis of the Fiat 1100-103, both in standard and TV versions.

Actually, all Italian (and not only) coachbuilders have practiced at least once in building a special bodywork on the Fiat 1100-103 chassis, both as an example of their own skills and on order from some wealthy customer who was looking for something different: this specimen was created by the Monterosa bodywork which closed definitively five years after having built it together with a few other specimens.

As almost always happens, it is now practically impossible to know the exact number of specimens built: all the people involved have passed away and the documentation is very scarce, so one can only make assumptions relating to a few dozen specimens. This example seems to never be fully restored: probably most of its components are still in original condition. The rear lights are not original but everything else seems consistent with the model and year, it certainly needs a “freshening” but the car is there. Find it for sale at €79,000 (today $86,000) here in reggio Emilia, Italy.


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