Green snake: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback 428 R-Code

In the same year that the Mustang starring in the film Bullitt was built, Ford produced an even more powerful version of the one that jumped on the bumps of Russian Hills.

This is the 428 Cobra-Jet, certainly best known in the declination of 1969 and 1970: in 1968 only about 1300 specimens of the 428 engine were built on the body of the second series Mustang, if we exclude those produced by the Shelby workshop, and just over 700 with manual transmission, like the car shown here. These numbers are small for any auto market, but ridiculously small for American auto production at the time.

We have little to say about the car itself (in a good way): the car is very nice, it has a beautiful exterior color, probably Tahoe Turquoise, and an equally beautiful turquoise color inside. The seller says it is equipped with various period accessories such as power steering and power brakes, radio, tachometer, tinted glasses and more. The appearance seems absolutely correct and, in essence, the only flaw lies not in the car but in our wallet, a bit too light. Find it for sale at €79,999 (today $94,500) here in München, Germany.


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