Sleeping icon: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

The problem with cars like the Giulietta Spider is that, when they are universally recognized as an “Icon”, their prices break off the ground and start flying high.

As a result, it happens that, if ten years ago you could have brought home a beautiful Giulietta Spider Veloce with, say, $ 30,000, today that amount is barely enough to buy a scrap to be restored. For the “Normale” like the one reacting to this article, the prices are lower but still not for everyone.

The car is in fact an “Interim” series between the 750 and the 101: here and there it has elements of one and the other series but the important thing is that it still has the “small taillights” that characterize the 750 series. ‘car is completely disassembled but it seems solid enough: there are parts photographed everywhere but it seems that the most expensive or difficult to find are present: it remains only to understand at what price it can be awarded. Find it for sale here in Pemaquid, ME, with bidding at $12,100 and reserve not met.


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