Black challenger: 1968 Matra Djet

It is very rare to see this car in the USA, also because it is quite unusual to see it in Europe. Whoever imported it must have been a great fan of it.

The seller says in fact that this Djet was imported in the late sixties and early seventies, so when this car was still new, and it raced in the SCCA championship: in fact we never thought about this. car as a challenger in that category, but come to think of it, it was designed for this very purpose.

The appearance of this car in particular is that of a car that has been used a lot: all the additions made to allow it to race in the SCCA championship are evident: roll cage, safety switches, fire protection system and so on; the engine is still the original Gordini one and the black color hides two layers: the standard yellow, the French blue in which it was repainted, and finally the last layer of black. Find it for sale at $48,000 here in Northridge, CA. Thanks to Jacob for this tip!


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