Former Elfenbein: 1953 Porsche 356 Coupè


Summer is in its waning phase (like the whole year, too bad we didn’t even notice), and if you love Porsches and are looking for a project for next year, here is one.


Among other things, this is a “noble” project: the object of the restoration is a 356 from 1953, even before the grilles next to the driving lights, and therefore a model much sought after by collectors of the brand (and by anyone you think you can earn, as it should be). The original color was Elfenbein, which is a pale gold color, combined with a green leather and corduroy interior.


The seller that the car has all the sheets with the correct and corresponding numbers while the engine is from 1955 (and obviously not original). Basically it is a fairly complete car that, if you have enough courage, it could be restored in a “sporty” way which is generally liked by many. Find it for sale at €87,950 (today $104,000) here in Vught, Netherlands.


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