Bluette sleeper: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

Bluette is the name that Alfa Romeo has given to this particular shade: it is a blue that takes on green tones in the sun: it is very beautiful and typical of Alfa Romeo, perhaps even more than red.

We all know the car instead: it is a Giulia, perhaps the most aggressive-looking four-door sedan of all European production; but beyond the looks this series also contains a lot of substance. It is in fact no coincidence that it was the car chosen by the Italian police forces for a decade.

This particular car also has an engine which the seller says is tuned by a specialist and which now produces 200hp, the bodywork has received new rockers and of course a new paint job. The rims are Cromodora and go very well with the general appearance, the only discordant note is the dashboard which has been replaced with a later one, but we believe that it is a venial sin. Find it for sale at $18,500 here in Belmont, CA.


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