Seriously fun: 1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Volvo hasn’t produced many models in its history (at least until the 1980s) so those few models made have remained iconic.

However, they weren’t in all markets: until the 1970s, Volvo was basically absent from the roads of southern Europe; more have been sold at home and in northern Europe and, especially with the Amazon model, it has seen a good diffusion also in the USA, in particular on the west coast, always attentive to European automotive products.

This 123GT is the latest, and most powerful, evolution of the Amazon model: compared to its predecessors this has the most powerful engine, the B20B with 9.5: 1 compression, double SU carburetor and 117 hp. The condition of this car looks great: there are no detail photos of the underbody, however it looks like a very clean looking car with regards to the interior as well. Last but not least, a beautiful color combination. The only things that could be wrong are: the steering wheel which, in the 123GT should have three spokes, and the tachometer on the dashboard which is missing here. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $30,200) here in Sassuolo, Italy.


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