Country boy: 1971 Alfa Romeo F11

This F11 was abandoned in the countryside: today it seems strange to us but this was often – almost always, we would say – the end of these vans made by Alfa Romeo.

If you think about it all this is not strange: if only up to twenty years ago someone had told you that these vans one day, when in perfect condition, would be worth even more than $50k (especially for the Romeo and Romeo II), you would probably have laughed at them and branded them as crazy, if someone had told you 40 years ago you would probably have earned a bad reputation and would have been candidates for admission to a psychiatric clinic.

This F11 is in rather bad condition due to both his previous working life and his subsequent abandonment. On the other hand, it looks complete and is certainly a good candidate for a complete restoration for some out there. Find it for sale at €6,200 (today $7,500) here in Teramo, Italy.


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