Mille Miglia ticket: 1955 Fiat 600

A necessary (but not sufficient) requirement for a car to be admitted to the modern edition of the Mille Miglia is that the car was built by 1957, the year in which the last edition of the legendary race took place.

However, every year (except 2020 and the current year, for reasons we know well) there are more requests to participate than places available, so the admission criteria are very strict: however, if you want to participate and you don’t have the millionaire budget to allow you to buy a Mercedes 300 SL or a Ferrari 250, there are other ways such as, for example, a car like this that joined the 1955 Mille Miglia with the number 2157: the number reflects the time of departure of 21:57 or, if you prefer, 9:57 pm

The car was bought new by Mr. Antonio Forini, he was a friend of the famous driver Mr. Attilio Brandi: it was the latter who drove the car along the 1955 Mille Miglia. After the race, the car it was sold and traveled around Italy until 2017 when it was fully restored, including the large front headlight and the number on the side. Find it for sale here in Naarden, Netherlands.


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