High voltage: 1980 EVA Curfare electric car

Of course, it is a mixed bag out there, but this odel was definitely missing from our imaginary car collection. Obviously we did not know of the existence of this model.

This car came out of the factory as a normal Ford equipped with a 3.3 liter inline 6-cylinder engine, after which it was converted into an electric vehicle by a company called EVA: they called these Fairmont conversions Curfare and were available in wagon, coupe, and 4dr sedan like yours. So this car is an EVA Curfare, not a Ford Fairmont.

The car itself is a time capsule as it is exactly as it came out of the EVA (apart from the signs of aging, of course): it is not a beautiful car but it certainly constitutes a small piece of the history of electric mobility. It was also tested at the time by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information, the analysis is reported in a document that you can download here. In addition to the photos, the seller also made a video about this car. Find iit for sale at $7,500 here in Puyallup, WA.


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