Blue on blue / 2: 1963 Siata 1500 Coupé

“Special” Fiats have been under the spotlight for years now and some have astronomical prices, however there is still something around with a “human” price.

In this case we are technically speaking of a Siata 1500 Coupé, designed by Michelotti but based essentially on Fiat 1500 components: the obvious differences, in addition of course to the bodywork, reside in the interior set-up which was also the “signature” of every coachbuilder. There are no certain numbers on how many units have been produced, but rest assured that these are just a few dozen cars.

This specimen, which appears to be in ttime condition both externally and internally, was born with the color that can be seen but the interior was blue: a sober but certainly less impactful combination than the current colors. We really like the instrument cluster which is very particular, never seen on other cars, but in general it is the whole car that is very beautiful. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $62,000) here in Civita Castellana, Italy.


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