Restoration ready: 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla


How many of the se have been scrapped during the past 40 years? Many is the answer and, indeed, now it’s not a common car as it should expected to be.


On the other side, many of those have been restored and few still remain in restorable conditions like this one: of course the work to do here is a lot but these are simple (but tough) cars so there are not many tricks to put in place here.


This particular car has been clearly parked somewhere for many years: the seller says that it is complete even though many parts are not photographed, like the taillights and the roof luggage rack which is a typical feature of this model. There is rust for sure but at least the body is good, interiors need an intensive care but everything is ready. Find it for sale at €6,000 (today $6,300) here in Torremaggiore, Italy.



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