Uncertain birth: 1970 Moretti Sportiva


Why does it seem so difficult to find a description containing also the build year of a car for sale? We just don’t know and then, again, we can just guess that this Sportiva (which means two seats) could be built in 1970, but that’s just a throw of the dice.


These cars were build in 300 specimens (more or less) so it’s quite astonishing to realize how many have survived so far: we believe that’s because they are very pretty cars and very cheap to manage at the same time.


This particular car is one of the best (maybe the best) specimen we’ve seen so far: it looks completely original with every bit in its place. The interior looks almost perfect and so is the body: by the way this looks the first car to have the first equipment wheels (not the optional Borrani or some aftermarket magnesium wheel) painted in gold: they match quite good with the red shade. The seller says that this car is certified by Moretti (we didn’t know that Moretti did it) and that’s ready to run. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $38,000) here in Catania, Italy.

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