The brazilian way/2: 1965 Willys Interlagos Berlineta


As you can easily imagine, this car is strictly related to its most famous relative, the Alpine A108 which was a winner of a lot of road races across europe during the sixties and the seventies.

s-l1600 (1)

But, differently from the Alpine, this was build in Brazil thanks to an agreement among Renault and Willys-Overland, using the engine of the Renault Dauphine in three different displacements: the seller of this car says that it is equipped with a 845 cc, inline four unit but we used to know that the Berlinetta had a 998 cc. engine: we could be wrong though.

s-l1600 (3)

The conditions of this car are very nice: interiors are almost perfect and elegant with their simple but effective design of the sixties, the fiberglass body looks very nice as well even if the paint quality can be deeply inspected only in person. The engine bay is very clean too. Find it for sale at $55,000 here in São Paulo, Brazil.

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