Raspberry & cream: 1958 Moretti 750 Tour Du Monde

Although not the first to be released, the Moretti 750 Tour Du Monde is certainly a very rare car.

Of course, it is less rare than the convertible version (we found one in the USA a few years ago, in a rather poor state) but it remains a model of which today only a few dozen (perhaps less than twenty) are in circulation, also because at the time few were produced, since they were intended for a small clientele who preferred (and could afford) style over practicality.

This appears to be in good condition: the seller says it is in museum condition but as far as we can see the car needs some finishing work to be defined as such. Certainly the positive aspects are not few: it seems complete, dry and ready to be driven. In addition, it features a beautiful color scheme, typical of the 1950s. Find it for sale at €79,000 (today $88,600) here in Subbiano, Italy.


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