Little red coupé: 1963 Fiat 1600S Coupé by Pininfarina

Here is one of the “beautiful and misunderstood” of the world of classic cars. Well, we can say that this model was misunderstood until a few years ago, now things have changed.

Double overhead camshaft, double carburetor, five-speed gearbox, four-wheel disc brakes, factory fitted Nardi steering wheel, design by Pininfarina: it is a respectable pedigree for a 1963 car, not to mention the design it closely resembles that of the Ferrari 250 GTE produced in the same period, indeed, if we dare to venture, the proportions of this 1600S seem much more appropriate than its distant 12-cylinder cousin.

In particular, this car can be defined as an “interim”, that is an example produced between the 1500S and the 1600S type 118SB with four headlights. The condition looks very good, indeed the car has probably been restored in the past but most likely from a very good base. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $51,000) here in Padova, Italy.


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