64 years, 2 owners: 1956 Fiat 600 Coupé by Viotti


It may seem that we are repetitive, but as long as there are small classic cars built by master coachbuilders for sale, we will publish them.


Now, it’s not like a Fiat 600 Coupe is on every street corner, it’s not – let’s say – a commodity, so being repetitive to have a car published like this can happen two or three times a year at most, and anyway we are happy to do so especially if the car in question is in the condition and has the same colors as this one.


The seller says that the car had only two owners from new and has also its original black plates, along with the original documentation too. Surely, although it may have been treated well, the paint is not the one sprayed by Viotti and certainly the interiors have also been overhauled, but all of this removes the quality of the car which, among other things, is also Mille Miglia eligible. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $50,000) here in Sassuolo, Italy.


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