The 16th one: 1961 Italia 2000 by Vignale


This is the 16th Italia 2000 on sale published by us since we are online, probably because we have a soft spot for this car.


Having in fact fully restored a specimen ten years ago, we can say that we know it well enough even if there are certainly people who know more about it on the subject (check the Italia 2000 page on FB). This Italia 2000 seems painted in “Bianco Pergamena” (parchment), one of the colors foreseen in the brochure of the time. From the outside the car looks correct: the spolights on the bumper were not provided by the factory but otherwise it seems correct. Unfortunately we do not have photos of the interior, engine compartment, trunk so we cannot give an opinion on these areas. In addition to this, we do not know the number of the body built by Vignale but these are certainly topics that the future owner will investigate. Find it for sale at €84,000 (today $95,000) here in Munster, Germany.



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