Open rouge: 1962 Renault Floride S


There is a lot of France these last weeks, perhaps not just by chance: after finding the first car published on Monday, we have probably unconsciously focused on French cars: sometimes the brain works like this.


Anyway, the point is not about finding “any” French car, but only those that we consider relevant in the panorama of classic cars: one of these is definitely the Renault Floride, produced from 59 to 63, one of the cars – in our opinion – best of the French automotive industry of the 50s and 60s.


First of all because it is beautiful: taut and slender lines, and an unmistakable style. Of course the normal version, equipped with the same 850 cc engine. of the Dauphine, was a little too slow even by the standards of the time. This car in particular, however, is one of the very few in the “S” version, equipped with an 1131 cc engine: not very fast but at least not stuck. The conditions seem excellent: original Italian black plate, hard top and several works already done by the owner who listed them in detail; last but not least, a beautiful color. Find it for sale at € 20,900 (today $ 22,800) here in Solaro, Italy.


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