Preserved silver: 1947 Fiat 1100S Mille Miglia

Screen Shot 06-05-20 at 02.29 PM

It is often difficult to find interesting classic cars for sale, indeed, the more time passes the more difficult this task becomes.

Screen Shot 06-05-20 at 02.30 PM 001

Until a handful of years ago we found many cars which, despite not having high prices, were cars on which we would have bet all our pennies and often, very often, time has proved us right: on the one hand this fills us with satisfaction, on the other hand we must note that, by now, few classic cars are within reach of people with “normal” wallets and yet, we feel obliged to report cars like this splendid 1100S MM anyway.

Screen Shot 06-05-20 at 02.29 PM 001

It is worth mentioning that around 401 specimens of the 1100S were built, but much less in the MM version which had a completely different bodywork: with only 54 hp the streamlined bodywork allowed this car to reach 154 km / h of top speed (96 mph) and if that seems little to you, try to find out how many cars from ’47 were able to do better than that. The specimen for sale has an Italian registration and it looks like a beautiful preserved specimen, also equipped with an Abarth kit for double carburetors. Find it for sale at €275,000 (today $311,000) here in Soest, Netherlands.


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