The black pearl/2: 1989 Alfa Romeo 75 V6 3.0 America


We rarely publish such “modern” cars but in this case we have to make an exception as it is a friend’s car, and we have personally checked the conditions in which it is (in addition to having driven it).


It is worth making a premise on the 75 V6: at a superficial glance they all look the same but in reality there are different variants: America, Milano, Quadrifoglio Verde and each of them has its own peculiarities: dashboard with orange or white graphics, red rear reflector or orange, interior design, different powers, in short, you could write a book on the differences between these models alone: we ourselves did not realize it and indeed it was the owner of this car to illustrate all the differences to us.


Going into the detail of this car, it has always been maintained correctly: glossy paint, Ronal A1 15″ rims (many of those you see around are imitations of the latter) plus a set of original 14″ rims, books, perfect interiors, sunroof, new starter motor, spark plug cables, brake discs, brake pads and pump and the last service done less than a month ago. The gearbox have been rebuilt three years ago and last but not least, the check control is among the very few in the world still working. Find it for sale at €24,000 (today $27,000) here in Milano, Italy.


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