Grand tourer: 1959 Abarth 2200 Coupé by Allemano


This car can be classified as a forerunner of the high-performance coupes that we all know well today.


It is in fact a car, produced in very few copies, designed starting from the chassis and engine of the Fiat 2100 sedan, improved from the mechanical point of view by Abarth, from the aesthetic point of view from one of the most quoted Italian car bodies of the 50s and 60, the one founded by Serafino Allemano.


The specimen object of the article was finished restoring in its original colors in 2011, therefore almost ten years ago, yet it seems to have just been restored. The seller says he has a huge file related to the restoration process but this seems almost superfluous to us, since the level of attention to detail evident from each photo is very high. The price, of course, is in line with the rarity of the car and its quality level. Find it for sale at €179,000 (today $203,000) here in Castricum, Netherlands.


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