Big heart: 1967 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

GT Juniors to be restored are increasingly rare. And when they are found, they now have prices that until ten years ago they asked for a car in almost perfect condition. We could say, to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, That’s the market, baby. The market! And there’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing!

So when we find one (which is not a rust bucket) we feel compelled to publish it. fully restoring even a GT Junior is not a small business, but at least you can choose to dilute the costs in one to two years instead of paying all the money right away. Not to mention the challenge (and the fun) that this implies.

Obviously, although not a rust bucket, this Junior too has the usual rust problems that plagued all Alfa Romeos up to the mid-70s: sills, rockers and some areas of the floors must be replaced. The interior was taken from a GTV 2000 as well as the engine: if the second news is not exactly bad, perhaps the first is more, but in Italy you can find everything you need at reasonable prices. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in Novi, MI.


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