Taz theme: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible custom

It is no news that we like custom cars “outside the box”, and this 1964 Corvair Convertible is no exception.

A well made custom car is not simply a production car which has the paintwork, wheels, interior, complete engine or part of it changed, but is a car modified according to a manufacturer’s vision, no matter how consistent be it tasteful or childish. Indeed, often the best or most particular creations are those whose inspiration is drawn from the most childish part of us.

In the specific case of this first series Corvair, the chassis has been shortened (and not just a little, by the way) and this required the adaptation of the soft top which, however, seems to fit well with the new dimensions of the car. The painting is in two tone of which one, the sand color, is also sato for the interior where there are the stitched figure of Taz, the character of Warner Bros Looney Tunes. The front and rear wheels are custom and of different diameters, the license plate is customized and the engine is said to have been redone less than 10k miles ago: certainly, the smile per dollar ratio of this car is very high. Find it for sale at $6,600 here in Sana Clarita, CA.


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