Odd project: 1967 OSI 20M TS Coupé


We have seen some of these rare coupé built in Turin by OSI (on a EU Ford Taunus chassis, suspensions and engine) for sale but all of them were at least in driveable conditions: this isn’t.


By the way it’s quite rare to spot two for sale in such a short amount of time (we’ve published one just three days ago): we’ve actually spotted even another one for sale but that’s in desperate conditions and we still have to decide if to publish it or not.


Anyway this car is basically complete (the front bumper is not on the car but it is actually present): we see that one of the front grille bar is mising as well as the horn button but,  as for everything else, we believe that there is enough stuff to begin a restoration. The point is: is it worth it? Well, forget to restore it and then flipping it with a profit: if you love these rare cars and money isn’t a big issue, then go ahead with it. Find it for sale at €17,950 (today $20,400) here in Brummen, Netherlands.


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