That Porsche feeling: 1965 Meyers Manx SR


This fiberglass car (with scissors doors) is yet quite strange in itself, but it’s even more when you discover that it’s pushed by a Porsche 356 SC engine instead of the usual VW unit.


It was built by Meyers, probably the most famous producer of fiberglass bodies to dress the VW Beetle chassis, and the seller says that the car is mostly original with the exception of the VW-Porsche 914 gauges.


The engine is said to have been rebuilt 1,000 miles ago and, other than that, the car benefited also of new brakes, battery, gas tank, front tires. There is also the original soft top too which comes along with the car. Not the est lookig car ever but, that’s for sure, very special. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in Fairfield, CT.


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