Needs nothing/2: 1964 Fiat 1600S OSCA Coupé


This car really needs nothing as it is one of the most beautiful specimen seen so far belonging to the small batch of 1600S coupé produced by Pininfarina on behalf of FIAT.


It is clearly a car coming from Italy (where we believe that the 99% of these were sold when new), indeed the seller has posted few images about an article related to this car: he actually didn’t neded as the car looks yet beautiful as is.


The beautiful red on silver color combo reveals an almost perfect body along with some brand new interiors: those are not only new but also perfect as nothing seems missing. The engine bay is extremely clean and, also here, everything seems correct and in its correct place. Last but not least, the price seems more than fair for this twin cam, four disc brakes coupé. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $45,500) here in Gyor, Hungary.


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