Needs nothing: 1974 BMW 2002 Tii


The BMW e10 series, in this case represented by this silver 2002 Tii, was the german response to the sporty sedans built by Alfa Romeo: they didn’t have the charm of the cars built in Milano, and yet they were great two doors sedans.


The engine of the Tii is a four inline fed by a MFI which was much more reliable than the delicate SPICA, and the result were 133 hp which was a great achievement for a two litre, road going four banger of almost fifty years ago.


This particular car is said to need nothing: we appreciated that the seller has posted a lot of undercarriage photos: it seems a solid car, although not perfect, but that can be used as is. The car has also Euro specs bumpers (luckily) and a beautiful aftermarket Petri steering wheel (worth alone almost $1,000), other than two rallye spot lights on the front. Find it for sale at $19,900 here in Conyers, GA.


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