Ivory skeleton: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


This is what remains of a glorious Giulietta Spider Veloce type 750 (chassis #1495F07512): a lot of parts here and there along with a body to restore in deep. However, it seems that everything is here.


Even more than ‘everything’ as the future owner and restorer of this Spider will have two engines to choose from: both belongs to the Veloce series but one is the first generation type 1315 while the second, rarer than the first one, is a type 106 of the later Spider Veloce.


So, whatever engine you choose, you’ll be right anyway. By the way, the seller says that the engine and transmssion have been rebuilt by a marque specialist and that the car is 99% complete: we wonder which of the two benefited by the rebuild. Of course the rest of the car s still waiting for a total restoration, but these cars are always worth it. Find it for sale here in Bremerton, WA, with bidding at $15,000 and reserve not met.

4 thoughts on “Ivory skeleton: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

  1. I found this car a couple weeks ago on Craigslist. I do not know if it sold at auction or not, the photos are the same. Ivorio (Ivory/Straw) was a custom factory order color. Would love to know the history on this car.
    The car is now in the Spider Veloce Register.


  2. Steven, you are correct about the Celeste Blue being original as evidenced by the blue paint behind the rear panel cards removed. The car most likely came with the 1315 number and I say this because it would fall into the register of cars that I have listed with this engine number. I could be wrong but that is the direction I am leaning.


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