One owner: 1966 Porsche 911 Coupé


This isn’t actually “a find” as this 911 belongs by the same owner since 1966, sure thing is that it has been stored in a old desert chicken coop, so the car is still well preserved.


We’re glad to see that the seller has posted a lot of photos, trough which we see a ver solid and correct car, apart from some very small detail which actually doesn’t matter at all. The photo shows the car (chassis #302363) with a set of Fuchs wheels but it still has it’s original steel rims with the 8/65 marks.


The engine is the original one and of course needs to be redone, the transmission is original as well. On the other side the car was repainted in Guards Red but the original paint was Polo Red. The car comes with all the original toos, books and a lot of receipts. Find it for sale at $89,000 here (more photos here) in Boulder City, NV.


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