Baikal rust: 1971 BMW 2800 CS

If the restorers were superheroes, they would all have one common enemy: rust.

And rust is unfortunately an enemy to be feared especially on BMW’s E9 series. In the particular case of this car, the damage caused by corrosion is evident at first glance, but on these cars the horror hides inside the front fenders which constitutes an ideal crevice for the development of corrosion: this car will have a lot.

On the other hand, however, this car also has positive notes, first of all a much appreciated and sought after combination of colors: the paint, now faded, is Baikal Blue or the “magical” color for this model. This color is combined with a tan leather interior: we can hardly think of a better combination. Furthermore, the car appears to have never suffered any accidents and is so complete that it still has its almost complete toolkit – a real rarity. Find it for sale at $20,000 here in Westchester, NY.


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