The white one: 1967 Alfa Romeo GT Junior


This is the second GTA recreation we see for sale from the same seller: that’s not hard to understand why, lately, a lot of these have been build.


Indeed nowadays the GTA have so skyrocketed that even the less powerful of the GTA breed, the Junior, is a matter for rich people and so you must turn towards something that, at least aesthetically, is very close to that. Of course the correct choice is a stepfront GT, better if a first series with a “flat” dashboard.


This particular car, although hasn’t any aluminium body panel, is very similar to its noble cousin: additional air vents under the front frill, correct door handles, basically a correct look, also thanks to the beautiful Fusina sport seats. The engine is not the revvy but weak 1300 cc but a 1750 cc with a couple od Dell’Orto carburetors and a set of Conrero camshafts. The body has been clearly restored and it look very clean, also underside. Not cheap but today is not easy to build the same car with the same budget. Find it for sale at €49,900 (today $55,600) here in Porto San Giorgio, Italy.


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