Mutation/2: 1969 Lancia Fulvia 1300 Coupé by Zagato


Time has been hard on this Fulvia Zagato which, not only had to endure time and weather, but also the odd creativity of some previous owner.


The car has been for sure leaved outside for years, so we can spot the dashbard wood which has rotten due to the water infiltrations through the windscreen gasket. Of course the car has also been repainted: now is black but the original Santa Anita Ivory is visible through the cracks of the black paint layer.


We have also a front end merged with a later Lancia sedan grill, and a couple of unknown taillights coming, probably, from a Fiat or another Lancia. The good is that whoever did these things to the car didn’t cut or modify the metal which, upside, look still fair. The wheels are not original but they’re a period correct mag rims which are not bad at all. Find it for sale at €6,500 (today $7,250) here in Curti, Italy.

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