Green racer: 1958 MG A 1500 Coupé


The seller of this racing-look MG A 1500 Coupé is actually a Classic Virus reader and, by the way, he told us that he’s also the actual owner of this car which, after many improvements, won the 1st prize (category 1956-1975) at the Antwerp Classic Salon of this year: congratulations both for the car and for the prize!


Back on this MG-A, the seller says that it’s a former Italian car which has been parked for the last 20 years in garage (or something like that) in Rome, Italy; when the car was found the odometer was on 54,000 kms which are believed to be true. However, the car has been bought and made it restored at a seller’s friend workshop in Rome.


.As the descriptions says, the car has benefited by a total restoration involving any part of the car: engine, gearbox, brakes and transmission have been fully rebuilt, as long as the body which has been fixed anywhere: in order to give the car a proper racing look, the bumpers have been removed and the left holes have been closed with metal, while other vent holes have been made in order to five to the brakes a better cooling. Maybe that’s not the car for the purists but we must admit that the job has been made with taste, especially the choice of that kind of “Suede Green” is very spot-on. Find it for sale at €44,950 (today $51,000) here in Aalst, Belgium.

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