Almost surivor: 1967 Porsche 911S


The seller says that this rare 1967 911 S is a survivor: we believe that in this case the term “survivor” has been a little bit stretched.


Actually it’s for sure a rare car as the 1967 is the first year for the S model which, in this configuration, produced 160 hp which are enough on a light car to have a lot of fun. Moreover this is a carburetor car so no headaches to tune properly the mechanical fuel injection.


The problem is that this car is actually pierced everywhere by the rust, up and down, right and left, we suppose that there is no area of this car not affected by corrosion. The dismantled engine is said to be period correct but we don’t understand what does it means. The gearbox is said to be correct as well and it has an electric sunroof too. The seller says that lately barn finds of the same model have been sold for $300K: that’s true, but in those cases we’re talking about real time capsules, few miles on the odometer, no rust: cars which basically needed only to be serviced. This car needs a six digits amount to hit the road again. Find it for sale here in Readington, NJ, with bidding at $45,100 and reserve not met.

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