The streamlined bug: 1940 Steyr 55 “Baby”


This car was born to be the direct competitor of the Volkswagen bug and, despite its shorter lenght, it had a greater luggage space.


Around 13,000 of these cars were built but this particular model, the “55”, was built for two years only (1938-1940) so it’s rarer than its predecessor, the “50”. As just said, this was shorter than the VW Beetle but it had a larger cockpit, more confortable seats and a sliding metal roof without any extra charge.


The engine was a flat four, water cooled, 1195 c.c. producing 32 h,p, which was capable to push this car at 56 m.p.h (55 km/h); not fast for sure, but absolutely fair for the time. The seller has not given many information about the car, but that’s clear that it is a restored car which is ready to be driven. We must admit that it’s the first time we see this car, but that’s enough to fall in love with it. Find it for sale at €23,900 (today $27,000) here in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria.

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