Christmas red: 1960 Ferrari 250 LM recreation


Red is the color which is mainly associated with four things: Blood, Christmas, Coca-Cola and Ferrari. Fortunately, the article does not concern the liquids mentioned in the previous list but a Ferrari (on the day after Christmas).


Obviously, the Ferrari we are talking about is not an original 250 LM but a recreation based on a Ferrari 250 GT chassis (even if we do not know exactly what model it belonged in the past) and on a Ferrari V12 engine that belonged to a 550 Maranello of the 90s, then equipped with a power around 500 hp which, on a car like this, are really many.


The engine was however backdated and in fact the electronic injection was replaced by a double-throat Weber pack. The body is in aluminum and seems to faithfully reproduce the original lines, the rims are Borrani spoked and the interior has been recreated with attention to detail. Of course, the price is beyond the reach of most people but there is also to say that, at the same price, we believe it is difficult to build the same car from scratch. Find it for sale at €385,000 (today $442,000) here in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


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