Powered rear end: 1963 Porsche 356B T6 Coupé


This special T5 from 1963 clearly reminds the creations of Rod Emory but actually it was built by Cox Motorsports.


It features a lot of tricks and solutions which are of course disgusting for the purists, but actually we believe that, especially on car built in large numbers, experimets like this one find a special place, especially if made with so much accuracy and talent.


The base car is of course a 356 T6 but many parts have been replaced or modified, beginning from the front fenders modified to accomodate two frenched lights, the smart solution for the turn signals has been to place them hidden under the two sealed beams. The front end id basically original while the rear end has been taken from a 911 SC, including the engine which now produce around 270 HP: not bade for such a light car so we suppose that the body has been reinforced to stand so much power. The interiors are basically the original ones but the roof has been chopped. At the end of the day, this is a very nice custom 356 which cannot of course replicated for the amount of money asked by the seller. Find it for sale at $90,000 here in Fallbrook, CA.

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